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USF Sarasota-Manatee Catalog

This website shows the most recent version of the degree program requirements. 
However, this version of the program may not be relevant to students who entered USF Sarasota-Manatee in a previous year.  All students should always consult the catalog for the year they entered and consult with their advisors.

About the Program

Courses prepare the student for graduate school, and provide practical knowledge, which can lead to career opportunities in a variety of related occupational areas, such as: advertising copy writer, editor, journalist, lawyer, press secretary, public relations director, reporter, speech writer, teacher or professor, technical writer, writer or author.


Mission Statement

An English degree with a concentration in Professional and Technical Writing from USF Sarasota- Manatee attests to the achievement of skills necessary for a successful writing career. Before graduating, Professional and Technical Writing students must define and solve communication problems and employ effective strategies, approaches and media tools for meeting the needs of those who will hire them as professionals. Students are required to complete, with a minimum grade of “B”, a capstone course in which they demonstrate competency in preparing real-world work assignments.


Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate competence in planning and writing clear, concise, and complete business and technical documents that meet the stated needs of specific users and readers.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in creating messages on time, on budget, and on target for the audiences or users being served by the graduate.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with the nature and application of the media and types of publications or projects which a graduate in this program will be expected to understand and use effectively upon graduation.
  • Demonstrate competence and efficiency in understanding the intellectual dimensions of emerging concepts, media, and vocabulary and applying those discoveries to business and technical communications projects beyond the student’s current state of knowledge.
  • Demonstrate an ability to read, interview, interpret, and apply the forms of expression and knowledge required to serve as a bridge between advanced business and technical professionals and the lay users of those professionals’ communications. 



Students majoring in English BTW must meet all degree requirements of USF Sarasota-Manatee and the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as the following:

  • A 2.5 GPA in the major is required for graduation
  • Sign Language is not accepted to meet the foreign language requirement


State Mandated Common Prerequisites

The following required courses of the General Education curriculum are prerequisites for the English major:
ENC 1101 Composition I  (3)
ENC 1102 Composition II  (3)


Program of Study

A minimum of 36 semester hours is required of all undergraduate majors in English BTW although students can elect to take more.

Degree Core (should be taken at USFSM):
Capstone requirement (3)
ENC 4268 Senior Seminar in Professional & Technical Writing  (3)  
  should be taken in last semester; must be taken within last 30 upper-level hours.  
Degree Distribution Categories:
Writing course requirements: Any six of the following courses (18 credits)

ENC 3242
ENC 3246
ENC 3250
ENC 3310
ENC 3416
ENC 4212
ENC 4218
ENC 4260
ENC 4264
ENC 4906
ENC 4931
ENC 4946

Technical Communication for Majors (3)
Communication for Engineers (3)
Professional Writing (3)
Expository Writing (3)
New Media for Technical Communication (3)
Professional and Technical Editing (3)
Visual Rhetoric for Technical Communication (3)
Advanced Technical Writing (3)
Managerial Communications (3)
Professional & Technical Writing Independent Study (3)
Selected Topics in Professional & Technical Writing (3)
Professional & Technical Writing Internship (3)

Literature course requirements:

Five courses (15 hours) as follows:
One course must be from English LIT Category 1
One course from English LIT Category 2
Three courses from English LIT Category 3

Electives and Minors

The requirements for the English BTW degree allow for electives outside the major. Students are encouraged to use these credits to pursue a minor that will broaden and enrich their major studies. Students may elect to pursue any minor; however, the following minors at USF Sarasota-Manatee would well complement an English BTW degree: General Business, IT Web Design and Development, English LIT, or Leadership Studies.


Internship Program Highlights

Courses prepare the student for graduate school, and provide practical knowledge, which can lead to career opportunities in a variety of related occupational areas, such as: advertising copy writer, editor, journalist, lawyer, press secretary, public relations director, reporter, speech writer, teacher or professor, technical writer, writer or author.


About the Internship

USF Sarasota-Manatee offers an internship for Sarasota-based students concentrating on Professional and technical writing. Features of the program are summarized below:

  • Three semester hours of academic credit (as ENC 4946, Professional & Technical Writing Internship ) which can count toward graduation requirements (check with your academic advisor for specifics).
  • Opportunities to work with for-profit and non-profit enterprises (also referred to as "sponsors".)
  • On average, around 10 hours of work per week with a sponsor for a 16-week semester (around 18 hours per week in the 9-week Summer C session). The actual distribution of these hours, and the location where work is performed, will vary depending on the student's and sponsor's needs and preferences.
  • Opportunity to network with potential employers and professional contacts.
  • Opportunity to enhance the student's writing portfolio with documents created for actual business and professional users, not just academic courses.
  • Eligibility based on academic work to date, especially successful performance in writing courses such as ENC 3250 and ENC 4260.
  • The internship is open to both current students and graduates, but will require regular enrollment in, and tuition payment for, the ENC 4946 course.

Several for-profit companies and non-profit organizations on the west coast of Florida have expressed interest in hosting one or more USF Sarasota-Manatee students as interns. These range from software designers to engineering firms, publishers, and social service organizations.

A student can select from a wide variety of internship experiences to meet his or her career interests. Specific tasks may include writing or editing user manuals or technical instructions, preparing articles for print or online publication, conducting research for senior editors, and composing documents such as grant proposals and website content that play a major role in funding and communications for non-profit groups. The student will be expected to observe all policies and practices of the sponsor, including those concerned with confidentiality, security, and office procedures.

ENC 4946 Professional & Technical Writing Internship will be open in OASIS every semester and in the Summer C session. However, registering for this course requires permission of Mr. Tod Roberts, instructor and director of the internship program. Eligibility will depend upon the student's demonstrated seriousness about becoming a professional in the field, academic record, and appropriate fit with the intended sponsor. Students accepted for this course must sign the  "ENC 4946 Writing Internship Agreement" showing that they understand and accept the policies and procedures required by USF and the sponsor.

Students should next discuss the course option with their academic advisor to confirm that credit for the course can be used in their course of study. To apply, students should contact Mr. Tod Roberts, the supervising instructor for the program, at least six to eight weeks before the session or semester in which the internship would occur. He will send the student a brief information form to be filled out and returned by email. If Mr. Roberts agrees that the student is qualified for and can make effective use of the internship, Mr. Roberts will arrange an appropriate placement and help draft the Agreement form. Note: Summer C internships are available only to a limited number of USFSM students (the faculty supervises this on a voluntary basis, without compensation, in the summer).

After Mr. Roberts, the student, and a representative of the sponsoring organization have all signed the Agreement, Mr. Roberts will submit it to Dr. Jane Rose, Dean of Arts & Sciences, for approval.

Dr. Rose will send the approved Agreement to the Academic Advising Office, where Darryl Waddy or another Academic Program Specialist will enter a permit for registering and notify the student that he/she may register through OASIS for ENC 4946.

The Academic Advising Office will then duplicate copies of the approved Agreement and send them to the student, Mr. Roberts, and the sponsored contact person.

It will be the student's responsibility to:
1. Send an internship application for approval to Mr. Roberts
2. Arrange for an appropriate sponsor (if said application is approved)
3. Obtain signatures on the Internship Agreement form
4. Register online through OASIS (before the first day of the semester or session)
5. Pay appropriate tuition by the deadline
6. Contact the sponsor about specific work arrangements.

For more information, please contact your advisor or Mr. Tod Roberts, the Coordinator of the Writing Internship Program.


Resident Faculty


Adjunct Faculty

  • Dr. JoNette LaGamba
  • Prof. Jamie Cooper
  • Prof. John Stewart

Faculty may not be teaching every term


Academic Advisors

Amanda Shurtleff
Academic Advisor
Office of Student Services
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Sarasota, FL 34243
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