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Wilma Davidson, Ed.D.
Instructor - English, Business & Technical Writing

Phone:  941-359-4276
Fax:  941-359-4489
Office:   SMC B210

Curriclum Vitae

Wilma Davidson, Ed.D., Professional Writing, has enjoyed a notable career in both academic and corporate classrooms, teaching oral and written communication skills in the USA and abroad.  She holds an undergraduate and two graduate degrees in English and Journalism and earned her doctorate from Rutgers University, with an emphasis on Business Communications.(more...)

While at Rutgers she also served as a facilitator for a national writing project, instructing hundreds of educators to teach writing more effectively across the curriculum.  Besides teaching, she ghostwrites and edits technical and business material, and she coaches high-level executives in presentation skills.  Dr. Davidson has written more than 75 articles; and her work has been featured and reviewed in prominent publications including The New York Times, Fortune, and Business Week.  Besides her published articles, she has authored several books on the art of writing and communicating.


Davidson, W. and Easter, Richard (July 2011). "Wax What’s Dull and Polish What Shines: Tips for Writing the Performance Review", online at The Journal of Accountancy http://www.journalofaccountancy.com/Web/20113790.htm
Davidson, W. (May 2005) “How to Strengthen your Core,” Gulf Coast Healthy Living.
Davidson, W. and Dougherty, J. (2004). Most Likely to Succeed at Work: How to get Ahead Using Everything you Learned in High School". St. Martin’s Press.
Davidson, W. (2001) Business Writing: What Works, What Won't, the revised edition. New York: St. Martin's Press


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Courses for Fall 2013
Ref# 93535   COM 3110  Sec: 521   Comm For Business/Profession, T 3pm-5pm
  Info Web-based class w/3 MANDATORY on campus meetings: 08/27; 09/10; 10/08
Ref# 84907   ENC 3250  Sec: 523   Professional Writing -   Info 100% Online
Ref# 88130   ENC 3250  Sec: 524   Professional Writing -   Info 100% Online
Ref# 93398   ENC 4264  Sec: 521   Managerial Communications, 6pm-8pm
  Info Web-based class w/3 on campus meetings: 08/27; 09/10; 10/08

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53059   ENC 3250  Sec: 591  Professional Writing, R 05:30pm-08:20pm 
   Info Web-based class meets: 5/16 and 6/13. On campus meetings are MANDATORY

Courses for Spring 2013
Ref# 12317   ENC 3250 Sec: 522  Professional Writing, T      3:00pm-5:00pm   
     Info Web-based class w/5 MANDATORY meeting dates: 01/08; 01/15; 02/19; 03/19; 04/16
Ref# 13193   ENC 3250 Sec: 591  Professional Writing,   M   6:00pm-8:50pm
Ref# 20201   ENC 4268 Sec: 521  Senior Seminar BTW, M  3:00pm-5:00pm 
    Info Web-based class w/5 MANDATORY meetings dates: 01/07; 01/14; 02/18; 03/18; 04/15