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Ernest Scott, Ph.D.
Instructor - Criminology

Phone:  941-359-4256
Fax:  941-359-4489
Office:   SMC C243
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Ernest Scott is an Instructor of Criminology at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee. Dr. Scott  is a thirty-year law enforcement veteran who retired as Chief of Investigations from the Orange County (FL) Sheriff's Office. He received his Ph.D. in Public Affairs/Criminal Justice in 2006 from the University of Central Florida. Dr. Scott is a co-founder of the FINDER system, a law enforcement information sharing project that is in wide use by Florida’s police agencies.  He is involved in law enforcement research with primary interests in information sharing, crime and intelligence analysis, intelligence led policing, and human resources.


Ernest Scott, Jr. (2008). Police Information Sharing: All-Crimes Approach to Homeland Security. LFB Scholarly Publishing, New York.

Reynolds, K. Michael, Pamala Griset, Ernest Scott, Jr. (2006) "Law Enforcement Information Sharing: A Florida Case Study." American Journal of Criminal Justice, 31, 1-18.


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Courses for Fall 2013
Ref # 84911 CCJ 3024 Sec 521    Survey of Crim Justice Syst, M 12:00pm-2:50pm
Ref # 84992 CCJ 3024 Sec 529    Survey of Crim Justice Syst,  T 3pm-5:50pm    LOC: North Port
Ref # 91276 CCJ 6932 Sec 521    Issues in CJA, S 9am-10:30am
    Info Web-based class w/2 campus meetings: 11/23 and 12/07

Courses for Spring 2013

Ref # 13163    CCJ 3024 Sec: 591  Survey of Crim Justice Syst, T 6:00pm-8:50pm
Ref # 22071    CCJ 4939 Sec: 591  Senior Capstone Seminar, W 6:00pm-8:50pm
Ref # 16498    CCJ 6935 Sec: 521  Profiling: Research, Policy, & Practice, S 9:00am-11:50am
    Web-based class w/3 meeting dates: 01/12, 04/20, 04/27.

Courses for Fall 2012

Ref # 85369 CCJ 3024 Sec: 521   Survey of Crim Justice System, MW 12:00pm-1:15pm
Ref # 85467 CCJ 3024 Sec: 529   Survey of Crim Justice System, R 3:00pm-5:50pm 
 LOC: USFSM @ North Port
Ref # 92696 CCJ 6932 Sec: 521   Issues in CJA, S 09:00am-11:50am
   Info Web-based class meets: 09/08, 11/17, 12/01.