Ramakrishna Govindu, Ph.D.
Instructor - Information Systems/Decision Sciences

Dr. Ramakrishna Govindu

Phone 941-359-4523
Fax: 941-359-4367
Office: SMC-C229
Email: rgovindu@sar.usf.edu
Curriculum Vitae

Ram Govindu joined USFSM CoB with a strong academic preparation. He has a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Wayne State University; Masters with Honors in Quality, Reliability & Operations Research from Indian Statistical Institute; and Bachelors with Distinction in Mechanical with Specialization in Production Engineering from Osmania University. He is an ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) and Certified Quality Engineer (CQE). Teaching, Research, and Consulting are his passion.(more...)

Ram taught graduate/undergraduate courses at Wayne State University; designed/assisted courses in the Ford and Visteon Professional Engineering Management Masters Program; and conducted numerous need-based training programs in industry. His teaching interests include: Statistics and Advanced Analytics for Business and Engineering Applications; Operations Research and Decision Sciences; Six Sigma, Quality Engineering and Management; Operations/Supply Chain Management.  

Ram has published his work in peer-reviewed international journals; has a peer-reviewed book chapter, several conference/industry presentations, and prepared Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and other Grant proposals to his credit. He has research interests in the areas of: Operations Research, Decision Support, and Advanced Analytics; Multi Agent, Distributed, and Intelligent Agent Systems; Healthcare; Operations/Supply Chain Management.     

Ram has 19+ years of diverse and rich consulting, industry, and academic experience in USA and India. He has implemented algorithmic solutions successfully for several hard business problems, managed projects, and lead project teams successfully. He wrote proposals in response to Federal/State/Local Government RFPs, won numerous multi-year/multi-million dollar Government/Commercial contracts, developed business leads and strategic partnerships, and helped small businesses grow. 


Govindu, R. and Chinnam R.B. (2010). “A software agent-component based framework for multi-agent supply chain modelling and simulation.” International Journal of Modelling and Simulation, Vol. 30, No. 2, pp. 155-171

Govindu, R., Chinnam, R.B., and Murat, A. (2010). “Manufacturing in Supply Chain.” Chapter 10 in: The Handbook of Technology Management, ‘Volume II: Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Advertising, and Global Management’, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., January 2010, pp. 132-145  

Govindu, R. and Chinnam, R.B. (2007). “MASCF: A generic process-centered methodological framework for analysis and design of multi-agent supply chain systems.” Computers & Industrial Engineering, Vol. 53, Issue 4, November 2007, pp. 584-609  


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Courses for Fall 2013
Ref # 81476  QMB 3200  Section 521,   Bus & Economic Statistics II,  W 3pm-5:30pm 
  Info: Web-based w/Mandatory Orientation 8/28  Mandatory Exam Dates: 10/30/2013; 12/11/2013. 
Ref # 81475 QMB 3200  Section 591,    Bus & Economic Statistics II, TR 6pm-7:15pm

Courses for Summer 2013
Ref # 58283 QMB 2100, Section 591, Bus Econ Stat I, MW 5:00pm-6:50pm
Ref # 50605 QMB 3200, Section 591, Bus & Economic Statistics II, MW 7:30pm-9:20pm 

Courses for Spring 2013
Ref # 22275    QMB 2100  Section 521,   Bus Econ Stat I,   T  12:00pm-2:50pm
Ref # 11182    QMB 3200  Section 521,   Bus & Economic Statistics II, W            12:00pm-2:30pm  
    Info: Web-based w/ Mandatory Orientation: 01/09; Mandatory Exams: 02/20 and 05/01. LOC: USFSM                
Ref # 11183    QMB 3200  Section 591,   Bus & Economic Statistics II,  R     6:00pm-8:50pm