6th Annual Children’s Literacy Symposium Dates Announced!

The theme and the dates for  2012 USFSM College of Education Children’s Literature Symposium (CLS) have been announced.  The theme is “The Same Text but Different:  Variants in Children’s Media” and the sympoisum will be held on the USFSM campus on Friday, February 3rd and Saturday, February 4th.  The keynote speaker is Dr. Perry Nodelman (Ph.D., Yale University), Professor Emeritus at the University of Winnipeg and author of Words About Pictures:  The Narrative Art of Children’s Picture Books, and The Hidden Adult:  Defining Children’s Literature among others. Visit http://www.ChildrensLiteratureSympoisum.org for information and online registration.

2 thoughts on “6th Annual Children’s Literacy Symposium Dates Announced!

  1. So glad to see that the symposium has grown into two days.

    I am composing my Spring syllabus and teach a Friday class.
    Please send me the tentative symposium schedule for Friday. I would like to come, but need to work around my lecture.

    Thank you so much! Paula

    • Hi Paula: Sorry it took a while to respond. Between vacation and university closing for winter holiday break, just now getting back to blogs. The tentative schedule now for Friday is registration beginning about 11:30 am including light lunch and snacks/beverages later. Thre will be breakout groups after that followed by an evening banquet and awards ceremony. Registration is open online. You can register by going to the College of Education website at http://www.sarasota.usf.edu/academics/coe/ or by visiting the CLS site at http://www.childrensliteraturesymposium.org/ . Do not hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions. Hope to see you there!

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