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Gullett Elementary School level 2 and level 3 interns and their teachers - Spring 2011


College of Education Field Experiences Roles and Responsibilities

Level 1 (Undergrad only): 

The first internship experience is the introductory course to teaching in the public schools.  During the semester, the intern will become acquainted with the daily routines of teacher responsibilities and begin the understand the culture of public schools.  Interns spend 6 hours per week (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) in a supervised K-5 classroom, and participate in a weekly discussion seminar with their university supervisor.  A majority of the intern's time should be spent observing and interacting with students.

We strive to make this a positive experience and also stress the professional role as our interns transition from college student to professional educator.  Strong communication between the mentor teacher, the university supervisor, and the intern is essential in making this determination.  Throughout the experience, the mentor teacher should routinely observe and evaluate the intern's behaviors and skills, and conference with the intern and university supervisor.

Level II (Undergrad and MAT):

The second internship experience allows the intern to observe and follow guidance from classroom teachers in a more specific and focused manner for the semester.  There are two half-semester placements in this level, and students typically switch between primary and intermediate grade levels during the middle of the semester. Interns are expected to be at the school Monday morning, all day Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings for a total of 12 hours per week.  In addition, interns participate in a weekly discussion seminar with their university supervisor. During the semester, interns benefit from frequent, specific feedback on a routine basis from the mentor teacher and university supervisor.

Level II is the gatekeeper course to the final internship. Students who do not exhibit the talent, enthusiasm, or professionalism should be counseled and options considered. Strong communication between the mentor teacher, university supervisor, and intern is essential in making this a positive experience for all.

Level III (Undergrad and MAT):

The final internship experience allows the intern to take responsibility for an entire classroom of students under the guidance of an experienced teacher. For this final experience, the intern is required to be at school during the regular teacher's duty day (M-F, 8:15 am-3:30 pm).  Interns participate in a weekly seminar discussion with their university supervisor, who also makes observations during the semester.  During this apprenticeship, the intern benefits from very precise, detailed comments and advice.

The intern fully participates in the management and instruction of the classroom, including all areas of the teacher's responsibility. By the midpoint of the semester, the intern should have taken on a major portion of the teaching responsibilities, with the goal of 'flying solo' for 6-8 weeks.


Contact Information:

Dr. Janet V. King, Coordinator of Field Experiences

(941) 359-4772