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College of Education Final Internship Application

You must fill out and submit an application to complete your final internship with the College of Education.  These applications are reviewed by local counties who in turn make the school placements for final interns.  You must apply for your final internship two semesters prior (this means January for a fall placement and June for a spring placement).


Steps to completing the final internship application:

1.  Undergrad students only:  access your DegreeWorks degree audit.  You will need information from this report to complete the application.

  • Go to OASIS

  • Click "Student"

  • Click "DegreeWorks"

  • You should automatically be logged in

  • Click "Print" in the top bar

2.  Undergrad and MAT students:  Access and print out your unofficial transcript.

  • Go to www.flvc.org

  • Click "College Students"

  • Under Transcripts & Grades, click  'Get College Transcript"

  • Click log in with a FACTS Login ID

  • Enter your Student ID and PIN (same as you log into OASIS with). click Continue

  • Click "Print" at the top right hand corner

3.  Complete the final internship application at the link below (this does not save online or submit electronically).  Responses must be typed.  The personal statement must be hand-written in ink.  Print out the application and sign each page at the bottom.

4.  Attach the unofficial transcript to your application.  For spring '14 final internships, deadline dates are as follows.

  • Undergrad students submit to Ashley Sowell, COE academic advisor, Student Services, C-107 (North Port students may submit to Jenna Thiel, academic advisor, at our North Port instructional site).  Deadline is June 14, 2013.

  • MAT students submit to Diane Lewis, graduate program academic advisor, in the COE, B-323 by June 11, 2013.


Professionalism Counts!

It is important to remember that these field experiences are your first entry into the teaching profession.  You will be seen as a teacher, not a student, in the eyes of the children, teachers, principals, and districts where you work.  Remember that everyone in the district in which you are placed is a prospective employer.  The school and the students are excited to work with you and expectations are high so professionalism is crucial.


Changes-Notify the College of Education immediately!

Once you submit your registration permit request or your final internship application, it is very important that you communicate immediately any changes in your name, address, phone or your placement preferences, or if you can no longer participate in your field experience. Please submit a Change Form as soon as any relevant data or your ability to intern changes.  Failure to provide timely information may result in a placement outside of your preferences or you may miss important directions and/or placement information.

Remember that a great deal of time and resources go into making placements.  Schools, teachers and students are excitedly awaiting you, so it is important to provide ample notice if you cannot participate.  The University expects that only medical or other extenuating circumstances will preclude a student from starting or completing a field experience once a permit/application has been made.


USF Email

Plan to use or check your USF email frequently throughout the Internship/Practicum process (from application/permit request through completion of the experience).  The USFSM College of Education will ONLY send communications to your university email.  It is your responsibility to check it regularly or forward it to a preferred email account.