Janice Fauske, Ph.D.

education leadership, organizational development, leadership, preparation, computer mediated learning, qualitative research

College of Education
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Office: USFSM B308

Dr. Janice Fauske is a Professor in Educational Leadership. Upon earning her B.A. in English with a secondary teaching endorsement, Janice Fauske began her career as a seventh grade English teacher in a rural, economically deprived school district in Virginia. After earning an M.S. Ed. in Reading Psychology, she taught special education in an inner city school district and later moved to college teaching at a small Virginia college. She earned an Educational Specialist degree in Higher Education at the College of William and Mary, and later completed her Ph.D. in Educational Administration at the University of Utah. Before joining the USF faculty as an Associate Professor in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Dr. Fauske worked as the Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs at the Utah State Board of Regents, as a faculty member and administrator at Weber State University, as founding Dean of the School of Education at Westminster College, and Associate Professor and Doctoral Advisor in Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of Utah.


Ph.D., University of Utah
Ed.S. College of William and Mary
M.S.Ed. Old Dominion University
B.A., Christopher Newport University

Research Interests

Her research interests include organizational learning and change, effects of collaborative governance on teaching and learning in schools, and teaching in educational administration programs.

Selected Publications and Research

Fauske, J. French, P. and Upham, A. (2002) Scholarship Funds, Bank of America Foundation, ($25,000).

Fauske, J. R. & Brown, P. (2001) Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers for Technology, Grant Evaluators, ($600,000).

Fauske, J. R. (2000). University of Utah Teaching Grant, ($1000).

Fauske, J. R. (1995). Weber State Education 2000 Bilingual Education Grant ($50,000).

Fauske, J. R. (1993-95). Utah Educational Technology Initiative Grant, ($150,000)

Fauske, J. R., (1994). US West grant for development of multimedia curricula. ($30,000)

Fauske, J. R. (1993) US West Planning Grant for Distance Learning in Multicultural Education, ($20,000).

Fauske, J. R. (1993). WSU Ogden Standard Examiner Literacy Grant, ($10,000).

Fauske, J. R. (1990) Clinical Student Teaching Pilot Project Hemingway Foundation, ($25,000).

Fauske, J. R. (1989). Experimental Write-to-Learn Course. Weber State Faculty Research Grant, ($1000).

Fauske, J. R. (1989). Aliteracy: A Growing Concern. Weber State Faculty Research Grant, ($5000).

Fauske. J. R. (1984) Math Science Enhancement for K-12 Schools ($500,000)



Dr. Fauske's teaching expertise includes teaching and learning for school leaders, leadership, organizational change, and qualitative research methods..