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Certificate & Non-Degree

Certification and non-degree seeking students are those who are not enrolled in a degree earning program. You cannot apply as a Non-Degree seeking student if you were previously denied USF System undergraduate admission or if you previously attended one of the campuses within the USF System but were not awarded your degree.

There are many opportunities and reasons to attend courses as a non-degree seeking student:

  • Renew professional credentials such as teaching recertification for the State of Florida
  • Enroll in an undergraduate certificate program
  • Enroll in a graduate certificate program
  • Attend as a transient students while pursuing a degree at another college or university to earn a course credit at USFSM
  • Audit a class as a senior audits for no credit or grade

Teaching Recertification

Florida requires teachers and other education professionals to be certified by the state. Periodically, it is necessary to renew this certification. The University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee is an accredited institution and offers courses that provide the academic credit for certification renewal. For more information contact Diane Lewis, Graduate Program Specialist, at dlewis@sar.usf.edu or call (941) 359-4217.

Undergraduate Certificates

Undergraduate certificates provide students a collection of course work to enhance their skills in the work environment.

Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificates provide students graduate level courses specific to a particular area of study. If a student applies and is accepted into a graduate degree program, the courses will be evaluated and may be applied toward the degree with the approval of the academic dean.

Transient Students

Transient students are those who are earning a degree at a university other than in the USF System, but wish to take a class at USF Sarasota-Manatee.

  1. Students should seek the proper transient student/cross-enrollment forms from their home institution in order to transfer credits.
  2. It is the responsibility of the student to determine if the courses at USF Sarasota-Manatee will transfer to the home institution and apply to their program of study.
  3. There are two different processes for becoming a transient student depending on what type of institution you are coming from.
    1. If you are currently enrolled at a Florida SUS (State University System) institution, the transient process will begin at your home institution. It is best to check with your current academic advisor first regarding which course(s) you will need. To complete the process electronically, visit facts.org.
    2. If you are currently enrolled in a private or out-of-state institution, you should check with your home institution about the specific form you will need which gives you written permission from the academic advisor/department chair/dean to be a transient student at USFSM.

Senior Audits

Senior audits are non-degree seeking students over the age of 60 who want to continue their education by taking free courses at USF Sarasota-Manatee. These students should view the Senior Audit Website and speak with the Office of Records and Registration before applying. You do not need to apply online as non-degree seeking, only fill out the paperwork provided by the Office of Records and Registration.

Non-Degree Student Registration

USF Sarasota-Manatee welcomes students who need courses for teaching certification and those who seek undergraduate or graduate certificates. Students who have not been admitted to a USF Sarasota-Manatee degree program may register on a space available basis as a non-degree seeking student. If an applicant is then admitted to a program, many of the courses (up to 14 undergraduate and 12 graduate credits) may be applied to the degree program. The acceptance of these credits is not guaranteed and is determined by the specific program.

Non-degree students are subject to the same academic policies and deadlines as degree seeking students and may be asked to show qualifications for certain classes via transcripts or test scores.

Registration Checklist

  • Apply using the Enrollment Assistant and pay the $30 non-refundable application fee
  • Comply with the Immunization Requirement
  • Off-Campus Temporary Exemptions – Students registered only for off-campus courses do not need to fulfill the immunization and medical history requirement.
  • Search the Class Schedule to find your courses
  • Complete the Permit Request form
  • Activate your USF Net-ID (to register for classes, access your USF student e-mail and online course portal; Blackboard). Assistance with these steps is provided at the Information Commons located on the second floor.
    1. Activate Net ID: Visit https://netid.usf.edu and follow the steps to activate your NET ID. You will need this ID to log on to Blackboard. It may be several hours to activate your NET ID before you can log into Blackboard.
    2. Logging onto Blackboard: What is Blackboard? Think of Blackboard as a command central for all of your class needs. You will find your professor and classmates’ contact information, your e-mail, important documents and assignments, syllabus, discussion boards and much more on Blackboard. Some professors even require that all assignments be turned in via this website. You can log into Blackboard once your NET ID is active
  • USF E-Mail: You can check your e-mail through Blackboard after you have activated your NET ID. There is a letter icon in the right hand side of your Blackboard welcome page.
  • Register and pay for classes using OASIS or visit the Cashier's web page for more information
  • Obtain a Parking Permit (not needed for off-campus courses)
  • Purchase a Student ID