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Facilities Scheduling

Facilities Scheduling: Facilities Planning and Management is responsible for scheduling of the campus facilities for academic and administrative functions, as well as for internally and externally sponsored special events. Scheduling is managed by a scheduling specialist who reports to the Assistant Director of Facilities Planning and Management.

For academic needs scheduling, the scheduling specialist coordinates with representatives of each academic unit to select the best classroom option for each specific course based on the preferred day(s) of the week and time(s) of day, course enrollment cap, required classroom attributes and amenities, and faculty member preference. Due to competing classroom demands, compromises may be required to the preferred criteria. Classroom scheduling is managed through the use of web-based software administered by an outsourced vendor. The unit is responsible for the final assignment of classrooms, confirmation of course and classroom postings in OASIS and Banner, confirmation of the classroom schedule display on the local video monitors to assist students, and any changes to classroom assignments necessitated by class cancellations or relocations.

Facilities Planning and Management also maintains classroom utilization data that is updated each semester. The data is prepared in the format required by the USF System Office of the Provost, and illustrates a year-to-year analysis of overall classroom utilization percentage rates, as well as classroom utilization percentage rates for specific days of the week and time intervals.

For externally sponsored special events, the USF Sarasota-Manatee Events Policy for Externally Sponsored Events describes the policies, procedures, rates and terms for room usage. For each request, Facilities Planning and Management confirms the room reservation information, develops a written room rental agreement with each customer, establishes and collects the appropriate facility rental and support services fees, pays all applicable taxes, initiates the required operations and maintenance work orders, ensures the required level of support staffing for each event, and conducts a post-event customer satisfaction survey. Special event scheduling is managed through the use of web-based software administered by an outsourced vendor.