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Moves – Space Request Process
USF Sarasota-Manatee uses a web-based application supported by ARCHIBUS to insure that accurate information can be distributed to staff, vendors and management.

The Facilities Application is divided into two areas Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) and Help Desk
work orders. The MAC module allows users to track and manage personnel moves/changes within the
facilities. The Help Desk module allows users to input daily requests to track their completion.

ARCHIBUS Work Order System documentation -

Since space has been allocated for each department, the department has the authority to assign a
new employee or move existing employees within their allocated space. This can be accomplished by
entering a work order using the ARCHIBUS web based application.

FP&M space management database ARCHIBUS is a comprehensive facilities management system that captures and classifies data seamlessly integrating this information with Auto CAD digital drawings.
Move Existing Employee - A Move work order allows you to request that a specified employee be moved
from his or her present location to another location.
Add a New Employee - The E-Start function gives you the opportunity to define a new employee to the
system, reactivate a deleted employee or transfer in an existing employee. An E-Start will create a
combination of a Move and a Change work order for the employee.