Canvas Tips

Canvas is open now and you can make the transition from Blackboard to Canvas at any time. Blackboard and Canvas will run simultaneously for the whole calendar year in 2013. You will have a year to transition to Canvas and then in January 2014, Canvas will be the only learning management system available to you.

The URL for Canvas is Because both learning management systems will be available to you in spring 2013, if you choose to utilize Canvas, you will need to post an announcement in your Blackboard course with the link above directing your students to the Canvas course. We have listed some steps below that may help you in setting up your course:

You are free to setup and manage both your Canvas and Blackboard courses however you wish this semester, but I suggest the following if you plan on using Canvas:

  • To access Canvas login into:
  • Please let Stephanie Fuhr and Dale Drees know if you will be utilizing Canvas so we can assist you in the transition and track the number of faculty who are using Canvas for Spring 2013
  • Your Canvas login credentials will be the same as your Blackboard credentials
  • Because Blackboard and Canvas will both be live next semester you will need to create an announcement in Blackboard that directs your students to along with whatever explanations & instructions you desire.
  • Once the announcement is posted, make the content areas in Blackboard Unavailable to students, so that they only see Announcements.
  • Setup your Instructure course. See USFSM Faculty Canvas Guide
  • Publish your Instructure course. By default, ala
  • Publish your Instructure course. By default,courses are created as "under construction", so that you can build them before students see them. This is indicated with the 'hammer' icon to the right of the course name. There is also a large banner at the top of the course page that says the same.

You can export your Blackboard courses, and import them into Canvas to give you a head start building your Canvas course. However, I recommend building your course from scratch in Canvas to better take advantage of the "Canvas" way of teaching.

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask and/or visit: