Fall 2012 Training Schedule

Equipment available for checkout

Students and Faculty can now checkout equipment on faculty approved projects. The equipment includes Flip video cameras, audio recorders, webcams, headsets, digital cameras, PowerPoint clickers and chat 50 speakerphones.

Equipment Manual Description
Flip Videos We have 50 Flip cameras available for checkout! The recording time is 60 minutes. Just point and shoot. You start and stop recording by hitting a big red button on the back of the unit. Come on, it's simple!
Sony Cyber-shots We have 10 digital cameras for you to checkout! Stop by and spice up your multi-media project with awesome images.
Audio Recorders Yep, we have 50 of these too! Improve your next school project with this voice recorder. Boasting 2GB of built-in flash memory, you can store up to 535 hours of voice-quality audio in LP mode, while USB connectivity makes it a cinch to transfer your files to your Mac or PC.
Global Presenters Why be stuck behind the podium when giving a presentation? You don't have to with the Global Presenter, plus it has a cool red laser for pointing out your really cool PowerPoint bullets.
Webcams What! No webcam, well don't blame us, stop by and let everyone know who you are!!
Headsets What? I can't hear you! That's right, we have headsets too.
Chat 50s These little guys are great! Act like the big man on campus with your very own speaker and microphone. Okay, we mostly use these in Elluminate sessions.
Interactive Whiteboard Very cool tool! If you are a College of Education intern then you might want to see what all the hype is about. Plus, it's portable.
Clickers Clickers! Clickers! Clickers!
Want to poll your audience and keep it Anonymous? Clickers! Clickers! Clickers!