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Expert List

Expert List

The individuals listed below are available for media commentary on their respective areas of expertise. If you are interested in other areas or subjects not listed here, send us an email at or call Ruth Lando at 941-359-4726.

Department Name Area(s) of expertise
USF Sarasota-Manatee Dr. Arthur Guilford, Regional Chancellor & Campus CEO USF Sarasota-Manatee, child development, neurological conditions, speech/language/hearing disorders
Academic Affairs Dr. Bonnie Jones, Regional Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs College planning for students and parents, Millennial vs GenEx Personality Characteristics, USF Sarasota-Manatee Academic Programs
Arts & Sciences    
English, Literature, and Writing Dr. Keith Cavedo, Visiting Instructor Film studies, horror and science fiction/cinema, 19th and 20th Century American and British literature, academic and creative writing.
English, Professional Writing Dr. Wilma Davidson, Instructor Business and corporate writing, presentation skills in the work place, and helping children and adults become better writers.
English (writing & editing) Prof. Thorold (Tod) Roberts, Instructor Technical, business, and professional editing and writing, the changing environment for business communications (social networking and related trends),  online instruction in writing, editing, communications and educating students to meet the actual demand in the job market.
English Dr. Valerie Lipscomb, Assistant Professor Age studies, performance studies, modern drama, and modern literature, and cultural representations of age and aging.
Social Work/ Gerontology Dr. Kathy Black, Assistant Professor Advance care planning, end of life care, aging in place, care giving, aging, and mental health.
Gerontology Dr. Jane Roberts, Instructor of Social Work/Gerontology Attitudes toward aging; age bias or “ageism”; and intergenerational relationships.
History Dr. Jonathon Scott Perry, Instructor, History Political systems of ancient Greece and Rome; Fascism and Nazism in the 20th century; ancient and modern Olympic Games; European history; Greek and Latin literature.
Criminology Dr. Fawn Ngo, Assistant Professor Causes of crime and criminality.
 Psychology Dr. Christine Ruva, Assistant Professor, Psychology Juror/jury decision making, juror memory, pretrial publicity effects on juror decision making, juror perceptions of witness credibility, eyewitness memory and credibility, children as eyewitnesses, the social use of memory
 Psychology Dr. Richard Reich, Instructor Alcohol use and alcoholism, college student drinking, and drinking in children, statistics
Psychology Dr. Kimberly Badanich, Visiting Instructor Statistics, Addictions, and their effects.
Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Sociology Dr. Melissa Sloan, Assistant Professor The social shaping of emotion,  emotional experience and expression in the workplace (particularly anger),  job characteristics and psychological well-being, survey research. Statistics, mental health and emotion, emotion in the workplace, emotion and identity, and coworker support.
Biology Dr. Erin Martin, General Education Coordinator, Instructor Statistics, mental health and emotion, emotion in the workplace, emotion and identity, and coworker support.
Psychology Dr. Anne Fisher, Adjunct Professor Abnormal psychology, counseling, psychotherapy, and college student issues.
Psychology Dr. Amy Fleece, Adjunct Professor Memory, social and learning psychology.
Government & International Affairs Prof. Richard O'Brien,  Adjunct Professor International human rights, conflicts in the modern world, national/state/local politics, ideologies.
English, British & Technical Writing Prof. John Stewart, Adjunct Professor Technical Writing, new media, professional Writing, and visual rhetoric/visual communication.
Arts & Sciences Prof. John Freeman, Instructor Natural and man made disasters; field research travel to remote and dangerous locations; interviewing disaster survivors and sensitivity required.
Arts & Sciences Prof. Kathleen McKitchen, Adjunct Instructor All areas within the scope of practice for a speech-language pathologist.
Arts & Sciences Prof. Theresa Gilbertson, Adjunct Instructor Religious studies. Peru and all Latin America; archeology, visuals arts and architecture, diet, languages, economies of scale, and social justice.
Finance Dr. Richard Borghesi, Assistant Professor Sports betting and prediction markets.
Finance Dr. Kiyoung Chang, Assistance Professor International corporate finance, institutional investor, corporate social responsibility, cash management, mergers and acquisitions, and security offerings.
Marketing Dr. Ron Lennon, Assistant Professor Social Marketing, Social Networking, and Social Media.  Fear Appeals in marketing and advertising.
Marketing Dr. James Curran, Associate Professor Marketing, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, consumer spending, Facebook and social networking addiction and other topics related to marketing and customers.
Management Dr. Delaney Kirk, Visiting Professor Employment discrimination, sexual harassment, and human resource management issues
Management Mr. Ross Alander, Sr. Lecturer Human Resources, coaching, leadership and management, organization review and renewal, labor relations and unions, employee relations, negotiations, mediation, mentoring and nonprofit leadership.
Management Dr. Jean Kabongo, Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship education, local entrepreneurship behavior and local knowledge as entrepreneurship driver.
Accounting Prof. Carol Vance, Instructor Accounting and tax education.
Accounting Prof. Heather Lively, Instructor Financial Accounting and Auditing.
Accounting Dr. Nick Mastracchio, Assistant Professor Valuation of closely held business auditing standards.
Education Dr. Terry A. Osborn, Dean of the College of Education Critical Pedagogy, Curriculum Theory, Educational Linguistics, Foreign Language Education, Philosophical and Sociocultural Foundations of Education.
Education Dr. Richard A. King, Professor  Education, School Finance and Policy
Childhood Education & Literacy Studies Dr. Elizabeth Larkin, Professor Intergenerational relationships, policies and programs; teaching and learning in early childhood and elementary classrooms; educational leadership, and PAInT Center (arts-integrated teaching).
Childhood Education & Literacy Studies Dr. Stephen B. Graves, Professor, Childhood Education Early childhood education programs, early childhood teacher education programs, family/school/community relationships
Reading Education Dr. Thomas Crisp, Assistant Professor, Reading Education Children's and adolescent literature; LGBTQ issues and identities
Education Dr. Lora Kosten, Instructor and Faculty Coordinator at USFSM North Port School improvement/Title I, strategic planning, leadership, teacher education programs, and parental engagement in education.
Education Dr. Jennifer Menon Mariano, Assistant Professor, Psychological and Social Foundations Moral Development and character education; adolescent development, positive youth development, positive psychology
Education Dr. J. Lynn McBrien, Assistant Professor, Social Foundations of Education Refugee issues and education, media literacy/education
Education Dr. Stephen Rushton, Assistant Professor Neuroscience and early childhood education, teacher preparation, and personality (MBTI).
Education Dr. Marie Byrd-Blake, Assistant Professor Teacher Education and NCLB and Urban Schools
 Education Dr. Patricia Hunsader, Assistant Professor Mathematics, mathematics assessment and arts integration.
Education Dr. Dina Osborn, Visiting Instructor Funding gaps and disparities in schools, and addressing the academic needs of students from low socio-economic backgrounds.
Education Dr. Jody McBrien, Associate Professor Media literacy and education, refugees, immigrants, and war-affected populations.

Dr. Michelle Summers, Instructor Education-Curriculum & instruction, creativity in the classroom, learning environment, classroom management, special needs/modifications/sensory integration, and gifted strategies.
Education Prof. Louis Long, Adjunct Professor New ideas relating to Florida educators accomplishment practices.
Education Prof. Billie-Jo Fintel, Adjunct Professor Reading and writing instruction; teacher preparation programs; professional development for educators.
ESOL Dr. Rebecca Burns, Assistant Professor, English Language Learning/ESOL Language acquisition, language awareness in teacher education, classroom discourse, and forensic linguistics
Hospitality Management    
Hospitality and Management Dr. Gregory Dunn, Assistant Professor Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Branding,
Hospitality, Travel and Leisure, Gaming
Hospitality and Management Dr. Cihan Cobanoglu, Professor and Dean, School of Hotel and Restaurant Management Electronic Marketing, Hospitality Technology, Travel Industry, Online Travel Agencies, Social Media , Network Security, Credit Card Payment Standards, and Cruise Industry. All hospitality related topics-- Information Technology-- STEM
Information Technology    
Information Technology Dr. Sunita Lodwig, IT Faculty Lead Any computer or internet related issues.