Accounting Society
Accounting Society

Accounting Society

Advisors: Liz Carlson (CPA, CFP, CFF, CVA) and Heather Lively (M. Acc., CPA)

President: Donald Calabrese

Vice President: Mike Phlan

Event Coordinator: Kimber Newman

Treasurer: Mean Luke

Secretary: Tammy Becker

Webmaster: Alina Brito-Salon

Assistant Event Coordinator: Jessica Jensen

Organization email:

Purpose of the Accounting Society

The purpose of the Accounting Society is to prepare accounting students for professional roles in the field of accounting and in the business world. To accomplish this mission, the Accounting Society sponsors meetings, events, and activities with the following objectives:

1. Assist accounting students in the selection of an area of specialization in the accounting profession.

2. Grant accounting students the opportunity to relate to individuals at all levels of the accounting profession.

3. Promote collegiality and fellowship among individuals involved in the accounting program.

4. Provide service to the University and community.

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